We offer a full line of products to choose from. Our products are all american made in the heart of Northern Georgia on location in our Winder, Ga Facility. We offer a full range of products for any and all of your needs.

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Don't stop when you hit Rock!

We are here to service all of your DIRECTIONAL DRILLING needs.

Why We're Here
Hardrock HDDP was founded to better serve the fast-growing, directional, rock drilling market in the Southeast. Due to the extremely abrasive nature of igneous granite rock prevalent in this region the need for cost effective directional drilling has soared. Our equipment is built to bust through that rock with the use of high-pressure air and highly trained personal. We also specialize in Hole-opening and Pipe-pulling processes. To ease the process, we use a mixture of air and water from our compressor that is combined to simulate mud that never has to be mixed or cleaned-up. We love what we do and we do it well.

We are an innovative company helping to pioneer the future of cost-effective, directional rock drilling today. Our goal is to provide a more efficient directional drilling service at a better price and to provide our customers with a stronger understanding of the directional percussive drilling process we undergo. All of our employees are trained with intense hands on experience and are not afraid to get dirty.

What we do
We provide demonstrations, train our customers, provide consultations, and sell all of the products listed on our website.

Our History
Established in 2002, we are a Horizontal Directional Drilling company with over 50 years of combined experience including experience in vertical percussive blast and directional rock drilling.